Why our window wells are better

Wolfa takes both pride and pleasure in introducing a Revolutionary New Basement Window Well.

basement window well installedOur Window Wells are made from Fibreglass-Reinforced Polyester. This ingenious material has been used successfully in All types of buildings in Europe for many years. When moulded into its perfect shape it makes the Window Well next to indestructable. They are completely weather resistant, maintenance free and robust in time.

Our Basement Window Wells will not Rot, Rust, or Decay

Due to the creamy white colouration and parabolically designed form our Window Well allows the maximum possible amount of light to enter which results in making the basement appear more

basement installation of window well

Bright, Warm and Friendly

Our Window Wells come with a patented edge protection grating, an innovation which protects the edge of the upper window well during the crucial back filling procedure while at the same time providing a clean and flush connection to asphalt and or cement surfaces. It also provides excellent stability, better edge support and Superior Wall Strength.